What would cause you to switch to canon?

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Re: By the way, I am switching...

The Photo Ninja wrote:

The D700 replacement is the 5DIII. FPS FAST, Focus Accurate, High ISO awesome.

Radio Flash capability with Canon is awesome!

The camera sees in the dark. High ISO images look like high ISO images, but they are in focus!

Regarding the nobs, dials, controls, I'll get used to it.

Hopefully I can trust Canon will keep their quality up in the years to come. I will not buy the next model up immediately though. Experience has taught me to wait a year after a release to buy it.

Its a funny world....I was a Canon 5D2 owner and see the D800 as its closest replacement.  I couldn't care less about FPS (I am in single shot the whole time). I don't shoot sports so I don't need some uber-AF system (though the AF on my D800 is fantastic for me and more reliable than my 5D2 was).  Its really the image quality...the resolution, the pixel-level sharpness and lack of low-ISO banding that I love.  I don't generally shoot high-ISO but when I do the D800 is producing amazing results when downsized to 16 or 22mp.

To respond to this thread generally, it would take a lot for me to want to switch to the 5D3's successor.  Among other things, Canon would need to dramatically improve their sensor tech, lower their prices, revamp their ergonomics which never quite gelled with me, add more info to the viewfinder (like exposure and metering mode), improve their flash exposure system (maybe they have in the 5D3, but the 5D2 never quite got me the right results), have built in wireless flash, add ability to use exposure compensation in manual, have spot metering tied to the current AF point, etc.  These are all the reasons I left Canon and, thus far, I have no desire to go back.

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