more great looking video coming from the A99

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Re: more great looking video coming from the A99

Kirk Tuck wrote:

So, if it looks really good on my calibrated monitor and it seems pretty sharp to me then we're at a real impasse. I would like to remind people who are new to video that you only get about two million dots per frame to resolve everything. If you remember back to the days when 2 megs was a normal digital camera the stuff you shot close always looked a bit better than the wide stuff (at the same viewing distance) because you only had so many dots. All the 2k cameras only have a fixed number of dots. That's it. Xnumber of dots = Zpicture.

Blowing it up to see it on a 2500 pixel wide monitor means you are not comparing the final image with it's intended use.

To my eyes the proffered video looked just as sharp as anything I've seen from a Canon or a Nikon DSLR video. And the color was better.

If you need more detail in the wide shots it's time for you to go with a 4k camera and a 4k monitor. Otherwise 2k pixels = 2k pixels and there's really no way around it.

The Sony a99 is a wonderful camera and a great production tools. I think we're all done.

I am probably going to be buying an A99 depending on the performance of the upcoming Zeiss 50/1.4 wide open. But this video stopped down is not showing a sharp performance even though the video overall is pleasant. I will be keeping my NEX 5N for any video work I do unless I just need shallow depth of field, which the A99 seems to do fine.

I do not understand why people are so determined to try and pretend they are seeing sharpness when it doesn't exist. The camera has a limitation in this regard, but it shoots terrific still photography and that's enough for me.

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