LX7 with LVF2: Is it hard to handle Aspect control dial and Aperture on lens with LVF2?

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Francis Carver Senior Member • Posts: 1,122
LVF-2 may be a better answer than a Clearviewer

Cyril Catt wrote:

The premium model of the Clearviewer provides a better view than the ordinary one.

Because the LVF2 has a narrower field of view than the Clearviewer's, and because it displays 1,440,000 dots compared to the LCD's 921,600 dots, I cannot discern individual dots with the LVF2, though I can just do so with the Clearviewer: however they are not as disturbing as the 460,000 dots on my LX3 LCD. Of course, people with more acute vision - able to see the moons of Jupiter with their naked eyes, for instance - may discern dots with the LVF2.

As the LVF2's field of view is about 70% of the Clearviewer's, I also find the LVF2 is more convenient to use when wearing spectacles. (As The LVF2 also has a diopter adjustment I also find it better to use without wearing spectacles, although that is unlikely, as without my spectacles I cannot see clearly to choose distant subjects in the first place!)


No idea at all what a "Clearviewer" really is -- and from the looks of it, neither does Panasonic.


Now, they do list a "View Finder" accessory for $224.96, so that gotta be the "clearview" or "clear viewer," unless it's a battery or camera strap or cable, that is. Whatever.

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