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Re: need a good camera

FX is a full sensor size like 35mm film. DX is smaller about half approx. That is why with a DX camera when you have a lens it's approx times 1.5x. A FX camera or a film camera won't have the 1.5x.

Just in the practicals. My 2 cents.

The benefits I think with FX is that it will always be better at a given time compared to the same age DX camera if you gonna shoot high ISO. But DX high ISO have improved rapidly over the years and compared to film DX is awesomely good, you can do things with DX that you cannot do things with a film camera. But FX is that bit better than DX. My understanding is that FX is about 1 or 1.5 stops better in the high ISO for similar amount of noise.

FX can also be better in the dynamic range, more bokeh, as the sensor size goes up you have more bokeh. At the extreme side a pocket camera has a even smaller sensor than DX can be difficult to blur the back out .....

If you want excellence and you can afford it, top FX lenses are better quality. IMO Nikon's R+D is placed in FX equipment.

Because of the 1.5x of DX, you can get wide angle lenses such as a 10-20mm or even a 8mm and such, they are pretty good, some may even say professional quality, but on paper they are not as good as a FX Nikon 14-24 for example. It's also good for people who need wide angle lenses and fast apertures. So FX can get a true 24mm at f/1.4. DX cannot.

But going further you could argue, there's also larger than 35mm sensors as well. But they can cost $40,000US like a digital Hasselblad or even large format with a digital scanning back, large format with film were 4x5 inches and up .. they used sheet film.  These bigger sensor cameras have a lot of benefits like mentioned and others ... but they don't do high ISO that well.  If you looking at wildlife, sport photography like night stadium stuff dSLR is still king.  These Hasselblad and stuff are more like architecture, fine art, fashion, corporate photography etc .. big resolution.  The Nikon D800 comes close to it with two stitched shots but it's still as as good as a single shot of the larger than 35mm sensor cameras.

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