Wedding advice...... Lenses and Flash

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Re: Wedding advice...... Lenses and Flash

I have shot about 900 weddings But I think you are short on one thing. A radio transmitter for your flashes.

Bounce everything. Put a slave flash on a tripod, bounce it off the center of the ceiling is possiable and then use your on-camera flash diffused with some catch light firing forward. Candid at F2.8-4, high ISO is fine..

200MM is fine, but you need to use a off camera flash for fill some of the room

bobkeenan wrote:

I am going to a wedding and would like to take a bunch of photos for my niece. I have been very successful with outdoor weddings and receptions in the daylight. I used a 5d mk III with a 24-70mm and a 70-200mm. I also take some really good pictures in homes where walls and ceilings are close. And I then do flash bounce with a 580 flash. I also have the 430.

But this wedding will be indoor. The walls and ceiling may be further from my subjects. My best shots are the candid ones. So in this environment I know things will be different.

  1. Can I still expect that my 580 will throw enough light for a 200mm shot? Will the flash have to be direct at the subject? Can I diffuse it or will I run out of light?
  2. Will I have to limit myself to the 24-70mm range and diffused direct flash?
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