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jk2l wrote:

I am often wondering is using prime lens limiting your photo option. like if i get the 24mm lens, then I won't be able to take photo that require zoom. isn't it better to use a zoom lens instead so you can adjust whenever you want?

as I am a little bit new in photographic, I am a bit hesitate should I go with those prime lens.

also another question, lot of people using those legacy manual lens. but won't it make you have to adjust the focus everytime you want to take photo? that's seem like that it become much more difficult to do point and shoot.

Primes often offer better optical performance and larger aperture, which means pictures with more "oof", blurry beautiful backgrounds.

I agree that you should at least try for awhile before choosing, maybe try multiple focal lengths to see which one is best for you. If you intend to do a lot of portraits, a fast 50mm prime is always a very good idea.

As to the manual things, I guess it's like driving stick and auto. Stick is more "difficult" but you have a sense of "being in control" and that is valuable to many people. I also use manual focusing to slow myself down, to prevent the crazy snapping that usually leaves you longing for a more careful shot.

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