Will Pelican 1510 hold 500 f/5 VR *with* hood?

Started Jan 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mike Zed Junior Member • Posts: 40
Re: Will Pelican 1510 hold 500 f/5 VR *with* hood?

I had a pelican case but had problems when checking in as carry on because of the weight of the case and then my equipment. I finally got a Kiboka bag that weighs about 4 lbs empty. On a trip to Arica I put my Nikon 600 and 400 in the Kiboka bag and was about a pound over the required weigh but still got on as carry on.

I guess what I am saying is that the lighter the bag the more stuff you can get in it and get it on the plane as carry on. No need to gate because it makes the weight.

If the bag is overweight and they stop me I pull out a lense or body and put it in my coat pocket and after getting tthrough x ray just put it all back in the bag.

Food for though!

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