Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

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paulski66 wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

paulski66 wrote:

Do you take pictures of things other than your gear?

If you were just being nice and forgot to put in the smiley, please forgive my retort, and I'll apollogize.

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Cheers, Craig
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Well, I was being playful. Actually, they're quite nice, the images of your gear.

That said, if it were me, I'd be far more swayed by seeing a few great images from the lens in question (here, the 50mm 1.8g) than one great image of the lens in question. So you including the image of the lens always struck me as a bit curious.

Still, apologies if that was taken the wrong way.

Here's the thing and if you notice, those gear images of mine are recent. One problem I've often had here is the need to point out something on a lens or camera. I'm a horrible illustrator so I thought I'd take a series over time of various types of gear I had so I could add an arrow or something in a discussion. Also, people often ask if you own such and such. I sometimes put it up to show I'm talking about what I indeed own or have tried. I've got a couple of images at strange angles to show something specific in some past thread. That's all. It's not a brag on gear I own. For Heaven's sake, I have way less than some of the full time pros and amateurs here.

I have also started taking images for my files for insurance reasons. I've included them with serial numbers and stored against theft. It's now required by my insurance company. It's so boring, I haven't finished nor do it that often, but I'll have to continue and be done by renewal end of June, so you'll see more. LOL.

I also try to take images that show something I'm trying to explain. For instance, sometimes a person asks what a DX looks like on an FX camera. I've taken some and will take more to show the various levels of vignetting with the few DX lenses I still own. It also can explain the lack of real reach of DX and on how crop works. If by chance you see my gallery in the future, more of that will be in the Camera album.

Images like the below help explain various buttons and dials.

If I"m bored of a Sunday afternoon after church, I do some of these while enjoying the Florida weather in the back yard. This was taken to show a Canon user how Nikon centers their LCD under the viewfinder. *shrugs*

Finally, I have never felt that web based 8 bit Jpegs displayed on the average 6 bit twisted neumatic uncallibrated monitor most use can in any way help a person make a buying decision about an optic. Besides the photographer and post production have as much impact as anything else in what is displayed online. That's why I don't show the image taken by the lens that often. Make sense in a way?

Have a great rest of the weekend.  

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Cheers, Craig
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