Just bought the Sony NEX-6

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Re: Just bought the Sony NEX-6

I don't know if you have left for Vietnam already, but here are a few suggestions I have for you to consider:

1. Since this may be a once in a lifetime trip, I recommend using your auto exposure setting almost all the time. You will be delighted with the quality of the photos! Photography involves a lot of trial and error while you are learning and you don't want to come back disappointed with all the great shots you messed up.

2. It is a real drag carrying around a huge amount of equipment. It can discourage you from taking anything with you ever again. Instead of a dedicated macro lense, consider a duplex close up lens that screws on the front of your zoom telephoto. - very light, very little space! Macro photography is really an art in its own right, requiring extreme stability of the camera and the subject. It's hard to get that in the field. I think what you want is extreme closeups, not necessarily macro. I think you would be very pleased with something like the Canon 500D close up screw on lens.

3. Get a high quality UV filter for each of your lenses for physical protection.

4. Learn about "the rule of thirds." Wikipedia has a nice, brief article on it. There is so much more to photography than just the equipment. Composing good photos is more important to the enjoyment of the viewer than what  the bells and whistles of the camera were. Do some reading about the art first, worry about the technology later. This made a huge difference in my photography before a trip to Africa. While you are learning, trust the camera's judgement.

5. You can't beat a tripod, but who wants to carry the blame thing? I bought a graphite monopod with a small swivel head (separate) for those lower light photos. Collapsible, weighs less than 16 ozs.

I love my NEX-6, but there is a lot to learn if you are early in your photography vocation. Enjoy!

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