LX7 with LVF2: Is it hard to handle Aspect control dial and Aperture on lens with LVF2?

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Re: The LVF-2 may be a better answer than a Clearviewer ... and a question

morepix wrote:

Cyril Catt wrote:

Alternatively, a Clearviewer accessory makes use of the existing LCD display with almost similar results, at less cost.

Yes, the Clearviewer presents a good display of the LCD at about 1/3 of the cost of the LVF-2. But the view tends to be deceptive. The reason is that it's difficult to see the whole screen, all the way out to the corners, all at once.

The premium model of the Clearviewer provides a better view than the ordinary one.

Because the LVF2 has a narrower field of view than the Clearviewer's, and because it displays 1,440,000 dots compared to the LCD's 921,600 dots, I cannot discern individual dots with the LVF2, though I can just do so with the Clearviewer: however they are not as disturbing as the 460,000 dots on my LX3 LCD. Of course, people with more acute vision - able to see the moons of Jupiter with their naked eyes, for instance - may discern dots with the LVF2.

As the LVF2's  field of view is about 70% of the Clearviewer's, I also find the LVF2 is more convenient to use when wearing spectacles. (As The LVF2 also has a diopter adjustment I also find it better to use without wearing spectacles, although that is unlikely, as without my spectacles I cannot see clearly to choose distant subjects in the first place!)

I'm getting close to scrapping my Clearviewer and replacing it with an LVF-2.

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