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Re: E-PL5 and MySets

I've thought of starting a thread like this, but never got around to it.  I'm interested in hearing how others are using their Myset/Mode dials. For me, I shoot RAW only, because I'm used to it, and because I find it easier to fix mistakes. I also primarily take pictures of my family and our adventures. A few landscapes and cityscapes and semi-macros as well. So bearing that in mind, here's my setup:

I leave Movie mode, M, A, and S alone.  When a situation arises where one of my  Mysets won't work, I choose the necessary mode and set the camera as needed. In these untouched modes, I leave the dial direction functions set to "Direct Function" to have quick access to change things, with one customization: the right arrow set to ISO instead of flash, as I don't use flash much and prefer quick access to ISO.

Also I have the Fn button set to AEL/AFL to lock spot metering. I have the Record button set to Exposure Comp.

In all Mysets, I have the Direction control buttons set to control small AF point location instead of accessing functions. I find that so much easier than having to remember to press the left button first.

Now the Mode Dial:

Myset 1 instead of iAUTO: An M mode set as a work around for the AUTO ISO implementation in low light situation. I really dislike not being able to set minimum shutter speed in AUTO iso, as my kids are my primary subject and 1/160 is about the minimum I'm comfortable with. So I am in M mode, with auto ISO for M mode enabled (6400 max), the shutter set to 1/160, and the dial set to control F instead of shutter speed. In use, so long as it's not too bright, the shutter remains fixed at 1/160, I adjust the aperture, and the camera takes care of using the lowest ISO. It works quite well.

Myset 2 instead of P: Another M mode set up for wireless flash control. Shutter is set at 1/250(max for flash syc), dial is set to control F instead of shutter, and flash is set to manual 1/64th power. I also use a modified Ping Pong ball (thanks to Guy's suggestion) as a diffuser for the little flash that came with the camera and that triggers my main (Nikon) Flash. I can easily bump the F number up or down for quick exposure adjustments. I just figured out how to set all this up, and it works very well.

Mysets 3 and 4 are almost identical and I'll probably change one out if I come up with something different that I need. They are both A modes, one set to 200 ISO, the other to AUTO ISO. Other than the customized buttons and the directions set to AF control, there's nothing too special here. ISO 200 A mode is set to ART and is my primary shooting mode when in good lighting.  ISO AUTO A mode is set to SCN and is for when I'm shooing things other than my children and the camera's AUTO implementation is perfectly fine.

Sorry for the long winded response, but I for one would like to hear more of what others are doing with this great feature. Thanks.

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