Getting rid of the V1

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Re: Getting rid of the V1

Well there aren't much choices if you want to keep it compact, but are still looking for high IQ. And of course a much more bigger and more expensive FF sensor will give you finally a better IQ than a small CX sensor. So if you are not satisfied with the V1 IQ it's legitimate to look around for something else.

However it's finally more or less all about compromises, the RX1 due to being FF and it's Zeiss lens has good IQ even under higher ISO for such a compact cam, but on the other side it's too expensive for what it offers, it lacks quicker AF, a built in VF and exchangeable lenses etc. for that high price. - The V1 instead is actually a bargain, has a fast AF at least under good lighting conditions, but lacks higher ISO IQ, more resolution, better flash capabilities etc.

There doesn't exist something like the optimal cam for everyone on the market, so you have to make the best out of it for you individually!

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