Animal-Human Interaction - Share your experience!

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Yes, they are priceless! My overtaxed HD is a testament to that!

We had to put down our 13 yr. old G. shepherd about 8 years ago and I said I couldn't ever go through that kind of heart break again and so no dogs for a long 8 years... Well, time changes things eh? We adopted a (first time lap dog) rescue dog that no one else wanted and he has changed our lives all over again!

Our little "Smoke" is part Chinese Crested (that's the weird side of Smoke) and part.... Ya', you guessed it, Mini Schnauzer (that's the smart side of Smoke). I know you, as an Mini Schnauzer aficionado, will just cringe when you see his coat, but that's part of his charm!

Not sure how much "interacting" there is in this one!

Regards, Jim

MsBritmor wrote:

Some of these may not be the best photos in the world, but they are priceless!

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