sRGB and 6500-degrees Kelvin?

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KRR wrote:

Jack, so I have an iMac monitor with Aperture. Do I stay at 5000 or change to 6500 like my local expert printer suggests on his Epson inkjet printer?

Hey, what if the computer folks would do what TV did in 1953 which was to have 1 constant standard of color called NTSC. Computer guys need to simplify software to catch up to hardware advances.

NTSC or PAL etc only defines the method of encoding for transmission purposes, once decoded, such things as gamma are more important.  It just so happened that the CRT had an intrinsic gamma value of about 2.5 I think which is probably why we still use 2.2 today on most PC monitors.

My name is not Jack, but if I was you I would set my monitor to 6500deg K  and also make sure you use a gamma of 2.2 for your video card so it is more consistant with other devices such as printers.


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