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Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

I care not about AF speed, AF itself is important (manual lenses distract me too much), DoF control is important, AF accuracy is critical (I am not sure if there is variability in nikon line up), price is important. Overall the line up I envision is 2 or 3 lenses - 50, 85 and something longer. The longer lens is what I am trying to identify now.

For the half, 3/4, full length portraits, you might look into the 60mm f/2.8 AF-s micro. It's a popular lens for fashion shooting in this format. It is very sharp, and has essentially zero distortion, which is very important. I would not use the 50mm for this kind of thing unless I had to.

this is the AF-S 60/2.8G ED right? Not the older looking D model.

is the 60/2 Tamron good alternative? A full stop brighter than the Nikon, but if quality is doubtful I guess not worth the risk

Yes, the 60 AF-S 2.8 ED.  The Nikon has near-zero distortion, especially in the central part of the frame, and much less than the Tamron.  I think the 50mm would drive you to madness with barrel distortion.

superior -- very much so wide open -- but does not quite have the bokeh of a good prime like the 180/2.8 AF-D.

Brokeh wise is the 135 or 180 better? I see the 180 is quite decently priced. It is a bit long but this has positive side too. Is the 180 sharp at 2.8?

pthanks to all for the many ideas. This 180 is something definetly new for me.

The 180mm breathes down to about 150mm at closest focus, making it a good option for frame-filling portraits.  I find the 180 satisfyingly sharp at f/2.8.  The bokeh on both lenses is stellar.  The 135 of course is specially crafted for bokeh control.  The 180 is a light and well-balanced lens that can be used handheld for long periods of time.

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