Touch or buttons?

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Re: Why not both?

Vlad S wrote:

josha wrote:


I'm curious what you all think--with cameras like the Samsung Galaxy Camera and now the Polaroid iM1836 (the interchangeable lens camera with Android built-in), do you think buttons are dead and everything (maybe not the shutter) will be done through the touch screen on cameras 5 years from now?

Touch screen is a lot faster for selecting a focus point, or an object for tracking than buttons or dials. Selecting a spot for metering is also faster with a touch screen. But adjusting aperture is easier with a dial. AEL/AFL probably makes more sense with a button than anything else. I think that after fads pass, every kind of control will survive and will be used for what it does best.


Touch screens are also lousy for zooming and shutter release.  I do occassionally use the camera in my iPhone, but hate touching the screen for the shutter release - it would be far more stable if the release was a physical button on one edge of the camera.

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