Radio trigger from Calumet issue

Started Jan 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP liya Regular Member • Posts: 271
Re: Radio trigger from Calumet issue

I am really stumped as well. In all the reviews I've read no one ever complained about this issue, so I am starting to think it is a mismatch or fault with the speedlite. I do have the 430ex II. I am hesitant to think its a camera settings related issue because I can reproduce problem without the camera at all. I just attach the flash to the receiver and hold it in my hand detached from camera while pressing the Test button on the transmitter and watch it fire.
I got another set of the same exact triggers from calumet, so now I have two sets that don't work on my flash in low light. But I am thoroughly puzzled by this. Next step is to try a different flash . Perhaps I'll go for a used 580 ..
Thanks for your suggestions and for taking the time reply!

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