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DMillier wrote:

I'm not making assumptions, or suggesting for one moment that it is reasonable to market equipment with poor specs on the grounds it's a photographic hairshirt virtue. Far from it, that's scraping the barrel of excuses in my opinion. I think we are in agreement on this.

All I'm doing is passing on a recommendation for some insightful advice on photographic practice in the hope it might be useful.


I read about an experiment once.

It was a physiological or maybe social test made using kids.

The kids should pass over a floor as fast as possible, without touching the floor.

One group got two pieces of cloth, and the other group got one piece of cloth.

Those with two cloth used both cloth and it was a difficult coordination for them so they were not fast. Those with one cloth just put the cloth on the floor - stepped on it and "skipped" over the floor very fast.

The latter solution was of course possible for the kids with two cloth. But - having more equipment they missed that not all needed to be used.


When I was young - you had a camera with aperture, exposure time and focus. All manual. To get the settings right you had a coupled exposure meter. To get the focussing right you had a split image in the finder.

That was more or less it. And you could take images with it. And if you had skill or luck you got a good image.

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