Question on X1 Leica Viewfinder

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Re: Question on X1 Leica Viewfinder

photo perzon wrote:

If you didnt need to align the eye one could hold the camera say looking 15% to the right while getting a perfectly clear image through the VF. Then wonder why the picture was of something else!

That is the difference between a viewfinder and a piece of glass with markings ... perhaps

It's an optical viewfinder - that's how they've always worked AFAIK. A "piece of glass with markings", or just a simple open frame, was used in some older cameras as a "sports finder", but they usually had a peep-hole or central mark displaced a certain distance so you could align your eye with the axis. The Rollei TLRs had an open frame peep-hole "sports finder" built into the folding viewfinder hood, and I still have an old viewfinder for my Nikonos 3 underwater camera, which consists of a large tube with a "piece of glass with markings" at either end...


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