E-PL5 & E-PM2 users - get busy reviewing !

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Re: E-PL5 & E-PM2 users - get busy reviewing !

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Nice discussion - how do you find the lcd? Any color cast - does it give you an accurate preview of what happens when you make an exposure compensation change?

Guy Parsons answered the question about needing to turn off LCD boost to see exposure compensation.  I rarely use exposure compensation, but in past Olympus bodies, turning off LCD boost would allow you to track exposure compensation in the LCD.

I did turn off the Keep Warm Colors option (page 76).

I didn't notice a color cast, and the LCD was good enough that I could use it to switch between incandescent and fluorescent lighting when going from room to room at a convention.  I haven't taken it out in bright sunlight.  I imagine it will be better than my E-P2/E-5, but it still is fundamentally an LCD, and it will be washed out.

The one time I tried an E-M5, it was outside and it was a lot easier to read the screen.  This is likely due to it using an OLED screen instead of a conventional LCD (the green cast is evidently also noticeable depending on the angle with OLED, and the higher power drain of the OLED requires the newer higher capacity batteries).

I am posting inside, and tried my weak clip-on polarized sunglasses on with the camera, and like the E-P2, I can see the LCD fine when shooting in landscape mode, but if I turn it to portrait orientation, it becomes harder to see the screen (though I can read the screen, it is just darker).  However, the E-PM2 was easier to view the screen in portrait orientation than the E-P2 (I didn't notice much change with the E-5, but with the E-5, I'm usually shooting with the optical view finder, and it isn't an issue).  The VF-2 view finder is opposite, where shooting in portrait mode is dark but usable, and shooting in landscape mode is impossible (not just dark, the middle part of the screen is blocked).  I need to try this with the stronger wrap around polarized glasses, I pretty much wear all of the time outdoors some time.

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