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Re: Only old and boring if images are old and boring...

marike6 wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

GRD's current "compact size" isn't all that matters. Compact micro 4/3 cameras have swallowed its market and it is losing its remaining ground to serious, more versatile compacts like LX7, XZ2, now MX-1, etc.

If an APS-C GRD increases in overall size by 25%, the sales will increase by 250%!

Because it will be perceived differently. It must change its league, step in value over the 4/3 compacts.

Fuji has sold perhaps close to 150,000 APS-C X100 cameras, maybe more. Now, THAT is the figure and THAT is the market to conquer. Current specs'd GRD cannot touch that — it is outside of its reach. Because it's niche, under the radar.

It's not brave enough camera concept.
So it must be changed grom GRounds up.

New GRD must be a challenger — in all respects — and not merely a niche player.

GR can mean many things.

- insanely GReat
- GRoundbreaking
- concept that GRows
- attention GRabbing
- simply GRand

Or it can be
- GRit of the past
- Ricoh's GRief
- GRipless


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Zvonimir Tosic
“A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it.”
— Edward Steichen

Photography is about much more than just specs.

The current GRD IV is only "old and boring" if the images you are making with it are, well, "old and boring". The fact is the GRD IV is a street shooters dream, unless they need to print extremely large, or prefer to shoot at night.

That m43 has swallowed up the GRDs market is a total guess on your part. And the opinion that the LX7 or XZ-1 are more versatile than a GRD IV is only that: YOUR opinion. I've own all three of these cameras, and unless you're a traditional portrait shooter (in which case you are probably not using a small sensor compact) there is no way you can argue that the LX7 or XZ1 are more versatile or there is no way to say that ANY photographer who has an interest in a specific photographic tool like the GRD IV would be interested in a compact like the LX7. Those are just your own perceptions with no basis in reality.

I'm not saying that a larger sensor GRD V wouldn't be interesting, but it doesn't NEED a larger sensor to be a viable option for photographers, just as it doesn't need a zoom lens. It is what it is, and it fills it's very specific role probably better than most cameras. Why? Because it's made for image making, with photographers, not specs, in mind.

I add two things:

1) that a GRD made like the rest would be no different for the rest.

2) years ago, I forget his name, there was a guy who played in a band in an English pub, who took interior shots at venues with his (original) GRD in black and white and supplemented these with some shots on his way home through lonely streets at night.  These were great street shots taken in low light.  I would include low light shots as well within the league of capable photographers, low light, old small sensors, whatever "obsolete" criticism that falls easily to hand.

We have to face it - large sensor have become the flavour of the month and seem to be bandied about as the panacea for every shortfall in photographic performance.  We should not let growing heft get in the way (camera designers can work miracles) or the fact that great photographs are often the inspirational seizing of photographic opportunity by someone who really knows their game.  Of course a larger sensor would not only provide miracle photographic opportunities all by itself but would also see to it that the capture requires less skill as well.

... and of course we can always buy a larger camera bag if the designers fall short on their miniturisation standards.  And of course a slower lens is ok if the sensor is larger, enough said.

Just been trying a little Wirgin 32mm f1.9 in D mount on a Pentax Q with it's oh-so-tiny sensor.  Equivalent to about 180mm f1.9 on the Q.  Pretty good sharp results and low light performance, I have forgiven the little sensor.

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Tom Caldwell

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