Can this photo be saved?

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Thank you all. Here's what I did ..

I first tried channel blending to see if any of them, in a darkening mode, would do the trick. Scratch that one so I started using curves adjustment layers on a duplicate. I firstly set a colour sampler on what appeared to be the darkest spot on the nose (black?) and brought each of the channels down to 45, inverted the mask and applied the darken effect with a soft brush. This not only darkened the light glare but dulled it too so before merging the curves layer down, I duplicated it, inverted it, changed the blend mode to Soft Light and applied this one in the same way. Again, before merging the adjustment layers down, I checked through Overlay, Hard Light etc. to see which gave the best contrast.

With the curves adjustment layers merged to the duplicate now, inverse unsharp mask applied the same way added to the dark/light contrast too.

I then used the quick selection tool and quick mask to make a selection of the beautiful cat and copied the selection to an alpha channel. This allowed for independent adjustments to the BG, i.e. blur, lighting .. whatever as well as applying sharpening, colour, etc, just to the cat.

My approach to most projects using masks is usually quite similar. Instead of making selections and applying a effect just to that selection, I prefer to apply them universally to a duplicate. The inverse mask and a soft brush method gives me much more versatility to control the amounts of the effect, positioning, feathering and choice of blend mode.


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