For a safari which lens??

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Re: For a safari which lens??

b33g33 wrote:

boris Fincheltub wrote:

I have a Nikon 18-200 is it worth getting a Nikon18-300 (heavier, not sure as sharp) or a Sigma 18-250 to be used in a D7000

any experiences??


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If it's an African Safari, I would buy/rent the longest F4 lens (or lenses) I could afford. This is assuming that you are not in the habit of going on safari every few years.

Since you are taking the DX body, my tools choice would be the following on:

1. 300 F4

2. 500 F4

3. 12-24 or a wide prime like a 14

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What you know imprisons you

Agree on renting if you don't plan on going back, also agree with not renting a 400/2.8 or a 600/4. The wide prime will be you least used lens in all likelihood since you won't be able to get out of the vehicle and get close enough to a subject to stick it in the foreground for effect.

Get proper support (bean bag) and if you do rent a big lens, remember that you need to carry it (weight restrictions on planes) and you need a big bag for it (which is another expense).



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