There is a bad first time for everything ;- ( *&^%@*

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Re: There is a bad first time for everything ;- ( *&^%@*

sean lancaster wrote:

I won't use a card for more than about 4 months before replacing it. And the first time it hiccups, I'll replace it. Like you, I've had a card to corrupt and lost photos. My system of frequent replacements won't save me from a card that goes faulty quickly, but it does keep me from holding onto a card too long. Cards are cheap.

Your frequent replacement policy would be appropriate if cards wore out from usage, which they don't do in four months.

Frequent replacement exposes you to greater probability of getting a faulty new card.

When you have some cards that work I suggest keep using them for a few years. When I was a pro, I loaded the same two 32 GB cards with thousands of images week in week out for years without problem.

The only time I have had problems in eleven years as a pro with cards was once with a faulty new card, and once with a faulty new card reader.

The other advice I would give is to keep card reader and cards in step. IE don't use a new card with an five year old card reader. When you upgrade your cards get a new card reader.

I always test new cards with one of the special card testing programs which read and write to the whole card and check for errors.

PS EDIT. The two times I had card problems I was able to recover nearly all the images easily with Photorescue. Note there is another prog with same name which I don't know anything about.

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