IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

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Re: IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

tim73 wrote:

I recently acquired a 24-105mm f4 L IS lens, and noticed that the IS causes excessive image blurring at apertures narrower than f4 (see images below). I could simply send it back to Canon for repair, but other people have reported a similar problem so I'm wondering if this is a design fault.

Does your version of this lens also have this problem? Whether it does or does not, I'd be glad to hear from you.

Four shots were taken at each setting to show that the effect is consistent. All shots were taken hand-held with IS on. The serial number of my lens is 427xxxx, purchased in November 2012.

The IS is claimed to give a three-stop advantage, so I would expect a shutter speed of 1/3s to be usable at 24mm. At 105mm 1/13s should be usable, so at 1/5s I am slightly outside the spec. However I would not expect the IS to cause extra blurring at f5.6. The degree of blurring with IS on is somewhat worse than with IS switched off.

I had this same problem with my 100-400, a TC, and my 50D.  Not always, but about half of the time, the IS would twitch at the same angle in every frame.  I thought the IS wasn't getting enough power, so I cleaned the battery contacts, lens, camera, and TC contacts with "De-oxit Gold", and the problem remained.  My 100-400 was worn and the paint peeling off the barrel, so I bought a new one, and it did exactly the same thing, and only on my 50D.  Then, I bought the 5D2 and the problem went away with both copies of the lens.  No problem later with the 7D or the 6D.

So, the problem was either with the 50D, or a combinatory effect with the lens design, and TC.

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