Archiving Digital Pictures par date taken!

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Re: Archiving Digital Pictures par date taken!

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Good afternoon,

I need some help in respect to archiving my thousands of digital pictures based on date. I have about 2 + TB of digital pictures that are on PC and also on Mac computers. I already storage them on an external hard drive as backup but they are not archived as per date. I was wondering if you guys know a way for me to retrieve these pictures and re-archive them back but this time with a rank for dates. Unfortunately none of my computers have such high capacity memory on hard drive, so I’m forced to use the external one for archiving.

Thank you very much for your advice.


Not sure I understand you're situation entirely but (possibly) a beginning...

I rename (as taken off cards) all pictures in the following manner...

Date (yyyymmdd) + session name + sequence number

With tools like the bridge (CS6 and earlier) you can do a group rename extracting the date automatically from the metadata...

I guess you have to be more specific about CS6!Basically I have thousands of digital pictures that are on an External Storage digital device and I want to sord them by the time they were taken in order to find cetain pictures faster and easier. Doe sit make any sence?

I use Media Pro. It's a full-featured mutlmedia catalog program. I import all my images into Media Pro. Once I've done that, I can sort them any way I want, including by captured date. There are then features that let you batch copy/move image files to other storage devices.

What I do (on a Mac) is to create a disk image that's the size of a dual layer DVD on my hard drive. As I shoot, I copy all my images, and their edited forms, onto that disk image. Once it's full, I burn 2 copies onto DVDs and then copy the catalog onto my hard drive. I name my DVDs sequentially with volumn numbers.

Media Pro lets me manage all the images in the catalogs even though the original files are not online. If I need a file, I pop that DVD into the drive and the catalog automatically opens the files from the DVD.

I believe that Adobe Lightroom offers similar catalog and image sorting features, although I haven't used it. It's also supposed to be a very good image editor for photographers.

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