Why are we all complaining???

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Franka T.L. wrote:

Yes the K-5 IIs made wonderful image, and combined with the like of the limited lens. They can be just great tools. But great tools they are, they are still not the same as the 645D with that nice 25mm or for the matter the Nikon D800E, or the Sony A99 or ...

So if Pentax have not the 645D , we might then simply conclude that Pentax the brand is solely concentrating effort to give us the best in its range (APS-C) but with the 645D, we see that Pentax is also capable to deliver onto high end demand, but that highend demand is well too highend for so many Pentax customer though. What they really need is a further step from the k-5IIs , Might be Pentax can give us a FF inside the same K-5 series body ..

Maybe there's no need for a pro body cheaper than the 645D (not to mention better in low light, and with higher fps, etc.), but maybe there is. If so, the gap is a real issue for many Pentax users, who find themselves with a K-5II that doesn't entirely meet their needs and a 645D that is too expensive or doesn't offer the flexibility of a DSLR... such as good ISO 3200+ image quality to shoot stage performances in very low light, like the shows I sometimes shoot in some dark, local bars where flash is prohibited and where I'm only two feet from the performers so I need to shoot at F/8 for decent DOF — yes, I did shoot in such conditions once, and back in the film days, people knew the photographer needed to use the flash, while today, the clients expect you to shoot in almost total darkness because they're aware of the existence of cameras like the D4 or EOS 1DX.

And I'm talking about genuine needs, here. Not to be mistaken with dreams or expectations, which is very different. A photographer might need better AF-C performance because he's shooting basketball games all year-round. Another wants better AF-C performance because he thinks his photos aren't good because of the camera's AF, while the problem is actually a few millimeters behind the viewfinder.

A pro might need to move from APS-C to FF to get better dynamic range in low light, while another needs MF for better dynamic range and top-of-the-notch color response in good light. And in the meanwhile, another dreams of these features even though he doesn't need them. Just because they exist on other cameras, he/she wants them too.

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