Why are we all complaining???

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Because we can.

It's not the the K-5 II is not an improvement over the LX, or even K1000. It is. Like comparing the first mass produced car (Ford T) to the latest subcompact fuel-efficient car (like a Yaris or Civic). Huge difference.

But the K-5 II lacks a few things to make is a real, genuine pro DSLR. To me, a pro DSLR must have a few things that go beyond the features and exposure or AF EV range.

I've worked with the EOS 5D Mk II and I can say it's NOT a pro DSLR. While it's a full frame that can shoot at high ISO, its AF is just plain bad in low light unless you use the center AF point. To me, a pro DSLR, today, must have efficient AF in low light. If not, it's just and advanced amateur DSLR, either APS-C or FF. The EOS 5D Mk III, however, IS a pro camera. That doesn't mean the 5DII cannot be used by a pro. It just lacks a few features that are a must-have on a pro DSLR, in my opinion.

The K-5 II finally has a real tracking algorithm for AF-C, but I'll wait until there's more feedback about AF-C reliability before I comment on this. First reports I've read show a measurable improvement with its general AF performance and reliability over the K-5, which is quite promising. Once I've read about its AF-C performance in sports/action vs. similar competition products (D7000, D300s, EOS 7D), I guess I'll know.

IMHO, what the K-5 II lacks to be a pro DSLR is really, really simple. First the above, if proven the K-5 II yet doesn't have an AF system that can compare to its competitors in the same price and/or features range. I'll have to see that, but I guess the K-5 II will be close enough to consider its AF-C "pro caliber".

Second, a double memory card slot. A pro camera MUST have two memory card slots, just for the sake of immediate backup (yeah, you can make a backup afterwards, but if your memory card fails inside the camera, your pictures are gone — a second card slot can prevent this). That's something the EOS 7D doesn't have (neither the 6D), and as such, I don't consider them "pro cameras". For the 7D, it's a close call, though.

Third and last, tethered capture AND wi-fi transfer support. I already hear people say "the K-5 II is a rugged outdoor camera, it doesn't need that studio stuff". Well, for the pro, it's a must have. Because a camera was designed to be used outside doesn't mean it shouldn't perform as its competitors in the studio. Strange enough, even cameras like the Rebel T3i or Nikon D3200 offer tethered support, and yet the K-5. The 7D and D300s offer wi-fi transfer support, but the K-5 II doesn't. And while the Eye-Fi SD card is an alternative, it's nowhere near as efficient nor as secure as transfers from a dedicated wi-fi transmitter.

Fourth, but facultative, I must say, would be a 1/250th of a second flash X-sync. But 1/180th is close enough to call it alright.

So although I don't consider the K-5 II to be a pro camera, it doesn't mean a pro cannot use it and produce wonderful picture out of it. The photographer is still the one taking the picture, and good photographers will make good pictures, wether they're using a K-5 II or a LX film camera. The K-5 II is certainly one of the most interesting cameras in its price range today, with loads of features, exceptional high ISO performance, superb image quality and huge dynamic range.

I just believe it lacks a few things to call it a pro camera. But not much, and for most, this difference isn't important at all.

Personally, I would've stick with Pentax if the AF had been improved sooner and if the camera had dual memory card slots and tethered support (I wouldn't have care about the wi-fi file transfer).

Sure, the K-5 II is an improvement over the older LX. But when people complain, it's because they compare oranges to oranges and apples to apples. The LX and K-5 II aren't the same fruit, while the EOS 7D, the D300s or D7000 and the K-5 II are. And some will long for something the 7D has, while other will crave that unique K-5 II feature, etc. That why we complain, LoL.

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