Anyone else facing consistency problems with TTL?

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tundracamper wrote:

I can't seem to find the internet source that discusses this in detail.

It is worth remembering that the flash metering system is heavily weighted toward the center of the image. I have found my results with CLS greatly improve when I put the subject in the center of the frame and use FV-Lock in TTL mode. Then, when I recompose the flash component doesn't change. If the subject is off center, your results with CLS TTL can be all over the place without using FV-Lock.

I was thinking CLS switched between TTL-BL and TTL when the metering was changed from Matrix to Spot. However, I can't seem to locate that in any manual, even though I thought it was. I must be mistaken on that.

With the built in flash on the D300 you have to be in Matrix or center weighted to get iTTL-BL (page 171 inm the manual). The SB-800 when mounted on the camera...iTTL vs iTTL-BL selected by the speed light but I think the area used for metereng can differe based on camera settings.  When FV-Lock is used the metered area changes (page 180)

Here is the best source with lots of comments and discussion:

Great source

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