Not how but why do we photograph what we do? Help us to create better images.

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Re: Not how but why do we photograph what we do? Help us to create better images.

Hello Vision,
   You artists worry me with your talk about seeing.  Up to a couple of years ago, I had never tried to take anything but vacation shots and family photos, so I have been focusing on technique.  I feel as though I don't see anything until after I get the pictures onto my computer.  If a picture turns out to be artistic, it is a complete surprise to me - an accident.  Normally, I wouldn't dare to post a bird photo to this forum, but this is for use as an example:

Mourning Dove
This photo has plenty of deficiencies.  The bird isn't all in the frame.  It's a bit blurred because it was taken though a double-glazed window and the feather detail isn't the greatest because the bird was about 21 ft away.  Nevertheless, most people think it is an impressive photo.  I agree that I captured something beautiful, but it was not something that I planned or saw.  There wasn't really time to see anything.  The bird did it all and I had another lucky accident that I only appreciated afterwards.  Taking lots of pictures increases the chance of more lucky accidents, without necessarily seeing beforehand.
Thank you for your suggestions about learning how to see and for citing the thread "How do you see photos before you take them?".  It's a lot to think about.

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