Mechanical vs Electronic Shutter

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Mechanical for me

mojorising2 wrote:

One of the reasons I bought the V1 is that it is one of the very few MILCs that can be switched to silent ninja stealth mode for sneaky shots.

However I normally shoot with mechanical shutter since I like the muffled click-clack noise of the shutter.

Agreed.  I love the sound of a nice mechanical shutter (the quiet, silky smooth "click" of a camera like the X-Pro1 is a thing of beauty and the V1 shutter sounds very good as well).

There have been some threads about the X20 vs RX100, I've owned both the X10 and RX100 and one of the things I do not like about the RX100 is the ALL electronic shutter with recorded shutter sound.  It just reminds me of a cheap Coolpix or Powershot.

So on the V1 I usually use the mechanical shutter, and only switch to the electronic shutter if I need silence or high FPS.

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