Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: Not really possible

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I think your point #4 is a very good reason why we won't see this happening. To compete in this space, more than top level IQ is needed. Competitors offer features like in body stabilization, advanced live view, lightning quick CDAF and I don't think Sigma has demonstrated a body with any of those features (please correct me if that's not the case). And if Sigma can't do this for less than ~$1000 I don't think they'll be competitive.

Exactly, Sigma cannot yet produce a camera to compete in that space at the price required, especially not when people are still thinking in terms of bayer MP.


How was that relevant?

Perhaps it means "Bayer MP", i.e. the count normally accepted by "most" people when comparing cameras. Ignoring color resolution of course, I mean, what would they care about that?

I bought my first Sigma (SD9) off eBay for $135 with the two DC "Macro" kit lenses and a 50mm true macro (pre-EX) and should never have sold them. I bought it to take sharp pics of watches for the web and was fully aware that it was a 3.4MP camera.

I had researched the Foveon and understood the MP issue. If I had been just "people" and buying new compared with, say, a D70 or equivalent Canon, I would never have bought the Sigma.

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