Radio trigger from Calumet issue

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Re: Radio trigger from Calumet issue

Sure thing these are the triggers.

I also got a new version of the triggers at Calumet today and they both exhibit the same exact behaviour: when the ambient light level goes below a certain level, the triggers stop triggering the flash after the first fire for about 5-10 seconds .

I use a Canon 5D II and the camera setting were as follows : f2.8, shutter 125, iso 800, focal length 35mm. But most of the testing I did without the camera anyway after it failed in action a couple times, just used the TEST button on the triggers. But the first photo I took when the flash actaully fired was properly exposed so I dont think it was an issue of high flash output causing longer re-cycle times

When the ambient light is high, however there is no problem at all, triggers work for every burst.

Liya Zlotnik


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