What doI gain from the E-pl2 to the GX1X

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Re: Don't take my word for it.....

I did compare them with the "comparometer" as you put it.  Given a choice between the detail a GX1 extracts vs. what an E-PL1/2 extracts, I'd give an edge to the newer sensor.  YMMV, and undoubtedly does.  I would not even consider a GX1 vs either an E-PL5 or E-PM2, because the new sensor in an Oly body produces superior results.  Unless I were shooting a lot of video.  Panny shines there.

As to whether it is worth the cost to "upgrade"...that is a different question.  In the OP's shoes, I wouldn't, unless the need for the size of the power zoom was paramount.  However, considering what I went through with the mark I Oly kit lens and blur at certain shutter speeds, I'd never touch the power zoom.

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