LX7 with LVF2: Is it hard to handle Aspect control dial and Aperture on lens with LVF2?

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Re: LX7 with LVF2 for video app

Cyril Catt wrote:

LX7.... its specs clearly indicate it is not intended for serious videographers.

Okay, if you say so. Of course, NONE of these inexpensive digital cameras are intended for serious video, not even the $7,000 Canon and Nikon DSLRs. You want serious video, I'm rather afraid you would really need to get a professional video camcorder, or better yet, a digital film camera.

On the other hand, maybe not everyone wants to shoot SERIOUS VIDEO all the time, either.

I am usually satisfied by postcard sized frames taken from video clips as a sort of poor-man's 30 fps fast burst mode to catch just those moments.

LX7 will let you save stills from video clips at 2MP resolution. Considering that Full-HD 1080p video is at 2.2MP resolution, you are basically saving your stills from video at full video resolution. That is great quality IMO, really. Of course, camera won't be able to give you a 10MP image from a 2.2MP original video frame.

As I stated in my previous post, I am unlikely to use the flash shoe for a flash gun, and if I do feel the need for additional flash, I would probably prefer an off-camera flash for my stills.


Re. the VF, apparently Panasonic makes and sell 2 types for the LX7, as follows:

1. A pricey electronic VF.


2. A less expensive optical VF (rangefinder type, I suppose). The advanced manual talks about both.

So far as video sound goes, I feel that I would prefer to isolate the sound from the subject I am videoing, rather than having it drowned out by sound from other directions, and I believe that the gap between the LX7 mics and the LVF2 has been appropriately shaped to suit my needs.

The EVF or OVF encroaching on the built-in pin-head omni pattern microphones on the topside of the LX7 cameras is in my view one of the greatest failings of the camera for video shooting. So, I would never try to crowd the pin-mics that way. The pin-mics are omnidirectional pick-up pattern, anyhow, and using an EVF on the camera will not change that, I'm afraid. You cannot make them cardioid or super-cardioid or ultra-cardioid by mounting something on the flash shoe, at least in my opinion you cannot. LX7 should have come with an external mic input jack for this reason alone.

I would have even been happy if the camera would let me not record sound at all (AUDIO REC OFF) in recording mode, but apparently you cannot switch off audio recording completely or adjust its trim level at all on the LX7. At least, the manual says nothing on audio, period.

I read through the camera's manual and made my notations, so now I see how it compares to a couple of other Lumix models I am presently contemplating, as well as to a Nikon and Fujifilm model I am also considering. Let the best one win, I always say. If one thing we have now, it is choices. Probably too many choices, come to think of it.

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