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Re: DP2M In Perspective

DMillier wrote:

I recommend you read Bruce Percy's writings on image design, composition and the constraints of different equipmnet, it's thought provoking,

Another of his points is the importance of aspect ratio and in particular how aspect ratio changes where you stand when shooting an image and therefore the relationships between subject elements in the frame in the final composition. It's very insightful, especially his illustrations of the difficulty imposed by 3:2 ratio.

I never said there's no merit in it. I wouldn't ever recommend standing in one spot and just haphazardly zooming, at least not as a general method. I really hate how people make assumptions here based on a knee jerk reaction to what they THINK someone is saying.

I merely said it's not a feature to have less options unless you need some outward pressure to give you the will power....if you do, then nothing wrong with that. I can benefit from that myself at times. It's just really tiresome to hear people go on about how it's a great thing to have less ISO ability, etc...it's just lazy thinking.

Again, I have a DP2M. Do I wish it was more capable? Yes. I like as much as possible to be only limited by my creative and ability as a photographer and not the equipment. Sounds reasonable to me.

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