X-trans sensor problem?

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Re: X-trans sensor problem?

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How much of a problem is this when shooting jpegs? Thanks.

It's not a problem

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Thanks, Chris. I'm planning to purchase the X100s.

Actually, it is a problem ............ but just less so: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50736159

I was glancing at the dpreview review of the Pro1 and noticed this. It's rare that this probem occurs.


Read the link I provided earlier, and within it you will find detailed analysis of the problem by Chromasoft. On this issue I trust Chromasoft more than DPReview.



Do you have any experience with X-trans raw and/or jpeg files?

From my testing, using OOC  jpegs and LR4.3 raw conversions printed @ 10"x15" on an Epson 3800 the images are quite acceptable. I've yet to encounter the watercolor effect or smearing to the extent that a printed image is unacceptable.  Yes I can PP the files at 400% and see the attributes that some find so devastating. However they are not perceptible to the naked eye in the prints.

Are raw conversions of Xtrans files equivalent to Bayer sensor raw files?  When pixel peeped, maybe not so much. That having been said the X-trans files make very good prints.

In my experience the knicker twisting that goes on about the 'X-trans sensor problem' has little to do with the photographs that the X-trans equipped tools are capable of.

For those who like to pixel peep for the ideal file this sort of kerfuffle is quite entertaining. However the horse has been beaten to death.

The X-pro1 is the most fun I've had with photography in 30+ years. The prints from the X-trans sensor are fine.


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