P&S to D600 - Too much of a leap???

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leighton w
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Re: P&S to D600 - Too much of a leap???

SLRBGNR wrote:

I'm about to move up to an SLR and my decision is between the D600 or D7000. To me it seems that either way there will be an extensive learning curve. Quality of the photo and being able to make larger prints (minimum 16" x 20") is of prime importance. Cost difference of the body is not an issue. I also understand that the FX format lenses are more expensive. In jumping to the D600 is there any significant consideration you can think of that I may have overlooked, and/or will assist me in making this decision. Thanks for your thoughts!

Buy either one, put it on full auto, and shoot away. After you get a feel for that, start experimenting with different settings. before long you'll get the hang of it.

But the first thing you should do is read the manual!

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