Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

Started Aug 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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DC to DC conversion is wasteful and expensive

RayR wrote:

Wouldn't you just convert the voltage on the way in, so everything from the battery onwards just has to work about 12V?

You could even build the voltage conversion circuitry into the battery and thus avoid any knock on impact.

Converting DC to DC is inefficient. You have to use a switching power supply, which involves converting the DC to AC, then back to DC. Alternately, to reduce the voltage, you can use a voltage regulator.

For the very high current needed for studio flashes, either approach would take a very heavy duty circuit that would be expensive to build, and would cause a loss of power (an

So, in order to make the new, higher capacity, lighter weight batteries compatible with the older, heavier, lower capacity batteries, they would have to add extra weight and expense to all the newer battery packs, and reduce their efficiency forever, going forward.

So the choices are:

Make engineering compromises that make the new battery packs heavier, more expensive, and less powerful, in order to maintain backward compatibility with older battery packs.

Update the flash to work with the newer battery packs and offer a modification to older flash units to make them compatible with the new, improved battery packs.

The choice seems clear.

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