AF reliability varies with a size of the focus reading area?

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Re: AF reliability varies with a size of the focus reading area?

Vlad Didenko wrote:

After posting the initial X-E1 impressions, I had couple more occasions to play with the camera's AF.

It feels to me, that resizing the focus reading area using the scroll wheel helps or hurts AF reliability, depending on the lighting conditions. Seems to me that in bright light the focus reading are works fine when biggest. In lower light, though, I found AF is more reliable when the reading area is smaller, but not too small - so that it still has enough edge detection data.

Anyone noticed it, or is it just a feeling?


I have never really found focus to be an issue in moderate-bright light conditions and almost always use the smallest AF box to focus most precisely on my intended subject, or area of my subject as the case may be.

Low light, though, can be challenging and frustrating--and strangely, I'm finding that what works best on the X-E1 is the opposite of my X100. With the X-E1, an AF box that is 1-2 sizes larger than the smallest size greatly improves the odds of locking focus on my subject. Going larger than this can further improve the speed of AF lock but at the expense of focusing on something other than my subject more often. Additionally, I find that use of the AF assist lamp actually diminishes focus ability and almost always results in more hunting. On my X100, it's just the opposite: smallest AF box and use of AF assist lamp are best for achieving focus in low lighting.

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