P7700 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

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Re: P770 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

Sol Invictus wrote:

It isn't only about the exposure issue, its also about the color reproduction. Even if the FZ take pictures that are then color enhanced, its also true that the P7700 takes flat pictures that lack color. Regarding exposure values, is it "safe" to assume that all shots should be taken with eV at +0.3 or more? Seems like an exposure calibration issue to me...

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No, not at all, my suggestion for +0.7 (or more) was just a very approximate rule of thumb based on how much snow there was on that particular photo, and would be valid for scenes with a lot of very light elements (snow, sandy beach and such) - this is not P7700-specific - in very dark scenes (such as night scene) negative compensation would be required. How much exactly - it depends on the particular scene and personal preference of course. And of course, sometimes (when the dynamic range is just to big) it is impossible to get everything properly exposed and then you must expose properly for your main object and not for the entire scene.

BTW, I appologize if I am telling you things you're already familiar with.

In my experience P7700 does not require any "default" exposure compensation (and I use JPEG mostly, I am still learning how to do RAW). In contrast, my default setting on all my previous Canon Powershots was -0.3. But I always fine-tune exposure to particular scenes, if required (and not always successfully :-D). "Live" exposure histogram is a great help with fine-tuning the exposure.

If you are finding that default settings in P7700 do not produce enough "punch", you can try fine-tuning contrast, saturation and sharpening (or even white balance) to produce your own default settings.

Kind regards, T.

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