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Re: Please help with a purchase

Equals Nothing wrote:

It's also important to remember that 1080p is not the same for every camera. Specs can only take you so far, for example my cell phone takes 1080p video, but cannot compare to an actual video camera. Camcorder AF will definitely be faster, with exception to SLT video, but having power zoom and silent AF is an advantage for camcorders still. You also never have to change lenses, at best you can get a DSLR lens like 18-250mm, but it won't be nearly as fast as the new camcorder lenses (defeating the purpose of a larger sensor), and still won't have the range.

For video there are just too many advantages to camcorders, short of a thin DOF for artistic purposes, you are always better off with a dedicated video camera. From a cost perspective, it's cheaper as well, since you are not paying for photo technology as well.

Thank you for your contribution.

i get the point with 1080p from every Camera.. is like megapixels in Photography.

I will place an order tonight for that Panny, this will be a chain of challenges. As a daily Mac user (mac Book pro) i was not able to play my recordings from our Canon HF S100 but our PC does.

i expect to see the same problem with this Panasonic isnt? is any worth to convert the recording to make them compatible with Mac?  as far as i understood is a process to compress the File in a format with less Quality.



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