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Re: I think they cared

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Oh if you are talking appreciation of gear idea, great craftsmanship or point of view of gear collector, sure. That's cool. My point is not to confuse it with photography. But sure, I can appreciate the gear from that context. Also the shot shows him which is great (or someone doing something).

Actually - the image shows something more than that.

Its a car, rebuilt so you can use it as an elevated platform. And its a giant camera. And as far as I understand, the car is full of photography stuff.

This is not a gear collector. It is gears with a very distinct purpose.

Even though you have a point, cant you just back some mm

LOL. Well yes that cool but I am sorry, not backing some mm from the gear is not the photography point  It's exactly the kind of thinking camera companies love you to have though, I am sure you can guess why

Oh, btw, I am not suggesting Ansel Adams was a gear collector. The key part here is he wanted the elevation, whatever provided that, irrelevant in terms of saying "car Brand X has made me become a better photographer."  Anyway looks like we agree more than disagree

Ansel Adam´s gears.

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