What doI gain from the E-pl2 to the GX1X

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Re: Before you do anything.....

tedolf wrote:

put the E-pl2 and the GX-1 on the DPReveiw compare-o-meter thingy and look at the JPEG images .

The alleged improvement in image quality may not be as great as some here suggest.

In fact, you may not be able to see it at all!


Come on, tedolph.  The new sensor is much better than the old one.  That's painfully obvious.  Does Oly processing close the gap?  Of course it does, Oly jpeg processing is about the best there is.  But still, and I did exactly as you suggested (before I responded to the OP) - the high ISO of the GX1 preserved more detail than the E-PL2.  Take a look at the blue watch, the queen of hearts, the medallion - they all look truer at ISO 800 and up.

And I've got an E-PL1, I know how good low ISO jpeg processing is.

Would a better choice be the E-PL5 or E-PM2 for raw IQ?  Yes, it would.  But that's not in the OP's price range.

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