Can the LX-7 compete with a FF DLSR? The fast lens helps for sure!

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Re: sensor size and crop factor?
These are the numbers I get when I use the LX7 sensor size measurements as given by dpreview to calculate crop factor. I also used LX7 base settings to back into the FF equivalents.

tedandtricia wrote:

I do not agree with the comparison chart as iISO or # of MP's. I feel the difference in IQ between the LX7 and a FF camera is much less when the LX7 is set at low or base ISO's.  The difference becomes pronounced when ISO is increased.  LX7 IQ begins deteriorating as ISO increases while there is very little deterioration with a FF camera until the ISO is adjusted to very high levels at which LX7 IQ would either be poor or unacceptable. I do not believe the difference is  ISO 80 and ISO  1730 comparison is correct/

A few years ago, as I recollect Michael Reichmann of Luminious Landscape shot with similar subjects with a small sensor Canon G camera and Hasselblad H camera at base ISO levels and printed 8x10 photos and showed some professional photographers  to choose which was shot they believe was from Hasselblad and which was shot with the Canon and half choose the Canon. My rule is if you have a small sensor camera, The LX7 is capable of producing very good and even excellent IQ at low ISO's.


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