What doI gain from the E-pl2 to the GX1X

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Re: What doI gain from the E-pl2 to the GX1X

Thank you for the reply.  It is a tough decesion for me becasue of the issues that you highlighted.  The camera is only $499 with X zoom at 42 street camera.  I do like the compactness of the lens a lot however the jury is still out on how well it really works.  I guess one of the strenghts of the m4/3 system is also a curse here.  To many pro's/cons realted to choice of 2 manufacturers.  What I really would like is the Epm1 with the Panasonic X zoom lens that will for sure work.  Limited funding makes this difficult now but one can dare to dream.  Does the GX1 have a AF assist lamp(something my E-pl2 does not have)?  Looks like one in the picture.

sarlo100 wrote:

The upgraded sensor is the biggest gain. High ISO shots with the new sensor preserves more detail than the PL2 sensor does. You'll also gain a touchscreen, which only you can decide if that's a pro or a con. I'd look at it as a pro, it offers another avenue for changing settings, and when it comes to that, faster is always better. You can also formally position the in camera flash into bounce mode. You can do the same with the PL2, but you have to hold the flash while shooting, so the advantage goes to the GX1 here.

You'll lose the in camera IS and Olympus jpeg processing (it is better than Panny's). If you go to Panny lenses, losing IS isn't relevant, Panny (zoom) lenses have IS. A Panny body with Olympus lenses means no stabilization of any kind.

Beware the 14-42 power zoom. This becomes an issue. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/PanasonicDMCGX1/page16.asp#lens

Having lived through the first Oly kit lens with the same vibration issue in the same shutter speed range, this will wreck pictures. It gets annoying. Fast.

Will the GX1 give better pictures? Yeah (lenses being equal). Will it be easier to work with? Again, yes. Will the improvements be enough to justify the outlay of cash to get there? That's up to you.

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