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XF-1 lens not as good as X-10

It is easy to see in the I-R.com Comparometer that the X10 lens produces sharper results than the XF1 for a similar scene. You will have to pixel peep because the difference is not dramatic.

Whether the XF1 is any better than the current F series (F770EXR with GPS or F800EXR with WiFi) is an open question. Most review sites have lost interest in the F series. I can vouch for the lens being better at wide angle than the F550EXR lens.

On the plus side, the XF1 allows you to set processing options such as noise reduction and sharpness. But the F770 and F800 both produce Raw so you can control these during conversion.

marike6 wrote:

Refurbs are available, and as I mentioned, Fuji has lowered the price (at least in the US) a full $100 so the current price of $399 for the XF1 is similar in price to some of the better 1/1.7" compacts like the Canon G15 or Nikon P7700.

Good to know. The F770 is down to $199, in red.

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