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Re: Lighting it more evenly will probably also help.

photokandi wrote:

Duncan C wrote:

It also looks to me like you're trying to light your background with a single light. You really need at least 2 lights, from the sides, angled in at about 45 degrees. I'd probably use softboxes to get a wide spread of even light without hot spots.

Somebody else who shoots lots of portraits with seamless (e.g. Baz) could offer more concrete advice.

Hi Duncan,

I did try that with 2 150cm Octoboxes, but the light was uneven & the center darker. I would be looking to light it from low down Like a standard background light setup creating a dark vignette effect. I'm assuming with this set up the background light would be even more harsher than a beauty dish, so would show even more imperfections in the background Paper?

Perfectly smooth background paper doesn't exist in my experience. Humidity can make it worse, but as long as it is rolled tight, you can store it horizontally or vertically. The trick is to hit it with enough light. You just need more light and your backdrop will be fine (or at least as good as it gets).

For me, compared to vinyl at least, paper is much more versitle. Vinyl also tends to have its own issues, such as sagging under its own weight.

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