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DMillier wrote:


This is a very diplomatic way of saying that Sigma cameras have some operational and performance weaknesses compared to other brands that limits their convenient use for many applications.

(Despite this, of course, the keen user can use them effectively).

These weaknesses hamper mainstream acceptance and if that is their long term goal, Sigma would be sensible to do all they could to improve this aspect of their products and remove these barriers.

Trying to market a revolutionary sensor type is difficult - don't give critics easy targets to take potshots at by wrapping the sensor in weak performing bodies. Obvious really. I suspect Sigma would be in a very different place in the market if they had the equivalent of a D7000 or a 600D or a OMD oe xe1 to put their sensor in. They appear to tie their arms behind their back..

To be fair to Sigma though I do think theres likely business sense in looking to carve out your own niche in whats a very competitive market place.

Improvements such as these don't I'd guess come cheaply and at present the selling point of the DP's isnt just size(espeically with the RX1 around) but price being the cheapest way to achieve a level of image quality currently assocated with FF digital cameras.

If your appealing to a low ISO high resolution market then ultimately are slow AF and long write times really that big a negative?

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