Paper Roll Backdrop issue

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Re: Lighting it more evenly will probably also help.

Duncan C wrote:

It also looks to me like you're trying to light your background with a single light. You really need at least 2 lights, from the sides, angled in at about 45 degrees. I'd probably use softboxes to get a wide spread of even light without hot spots.

Somebody else who shoots lots of portraits with seamless (e.g. Baz) could offer more concrete advice.

Hi Duncan,

I did try that with 2 150cm Octoboxes, but the light was uneven & the center darker. I would be looking to light it from low down Like a standard background light setup creating a dark vignette effect. I'm assuming with this set up the background light would be even more harsher than a beauty dish, so would show even more imperfections in the background Paper?

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